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Creating and sustaining a successful clinical practice requires not only training and experience but also a commitment to ongoing education and access to the know-how and observations of fellow practitioners. Health Concerns helps you extend your education by providing books, articles, newsletters, webinars and workshops by our master Herbalist. Our Herbal Helpline offers clinical assistance and expert advice free of charge to Health Concerns esteemed customers.

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Abstracts summarize some of our most pertinent newsletters. Review these summaries and for more information read the entire newsletter.

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Clinical Tips

Clinical Tips is a wealth of clinical information prepared by Andrew Gaeddert covering a variety of conditions, such as, allergies, diabetes, digestive disorders, and fungal infections to gynecology.

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List of Formulas with Animal Ingredients

Approximately 90 percent of our products are vegetarian, and we do not use animal ingredients as part of the tableting process.  Animal products are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and are historically part of western naturopathic medicine. Here is a list of our formulas with animal ingredients. 

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Many topics are covered in this archive of our past newsletters. These newsletters were prepared to address many of the conditions and protocols common to western clinical practices.  

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Pacific Symposium Handout

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Ask the Herbalist Articles

Ask The Herbalist Articles is a collection of questions posed by Practitioner Professionals and personally answered by Andrew Gaeddert.    

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Complimentary Items

Order or download our Clinical Handbook, Professional Product Guide, Pocket Reference Guide, Wellness Resource Guide or Informational CD’s for Free!


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Mobile Apps

Health Concerns Pro has gone mobile! Place orders, review resources, see events and much more! App is available for Apple and Android devices.

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News & Product Updates

Check this section to see our latest news and product updates. 

For the current formula monographs, please refer to the formula pages listed here.

For formula changes made since the Clinical Handbook was published in 2019, click on the formula name below.

For formula change and updates, Health Concerns has focused on delivering the highest quality herbs to address the needs of patients. At times, we have had to re-evaluate and reformulate some of our products because either the key ingredient(s) available did not meet our standards or became difficult to obtain. 

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Polices, Terms, and Conditions

Click here to download our Health Concerns Authorized Reseller Purchase Terms and Conditions and Health Concerns Minimum Advertised Price Policy. Also, get more information on our Health Concerns Authorized Online Seller Agreement.

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Webinars (Free)

We have a wide range of free webinars presented by Andrew Gaeddert. Select a topic and download the audio file or presentation file for viewing. Some audio files are very large. Download speeds may vary depending on your type of devise and connection speed. Please be patient. 

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